LEAF Cafe & Plants App Design Concept (UX & UI)

Leaf Cafe & Plants is a cafe located in San Chaung area, Yangon, Myanmar. The cafe was founded by a group of friends who love coffee, community and plants in 2019.

“The Cafe works with local social entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs combine creative business ideas and innovations to solve a social, cultural, or environmental issue. Coffee is sourced locally from artisans who have a strong passion for quality, handcrafted coffee. Plants are also from a local landscaping company. Sourcing from local entrepreneurs is the way of ensuring money and investment goes into community. We will also be promoting their products/services and making them available to buy in store to foster unity, create a network of partnerships and sharing knowledge to customers.”

My Process

Research > Define > Ideation > Prototype > Test

I began research of local business, markets related to coffee. I did research of the company by checking their website and social media.

I did a similar research like an ethnographic research by going to the cafe and observing people to know about customers/visitors and about the cafe. Most customers are teenagers and age between 16 to 40. They come for coffee and pictures. Cafe is one of the most instagrammable places in local. Cafe not only makes customers fall in love with indoor plants ,but also share knowledge about plants and more. Then I talked with manager and staffs.

I learned who are typical customers, what does the cafe offer, what are their main services, what are purposes of the cafe and business goals.

Then I defined user needs & benefits. Finally information architecture and useflow.


Created wireframes for user testing before going to hi-fi visual design. Below are validated wireframe designs.

User Flow

Home → Main Menu → Browse from main screen or Hamburger menu → Click “ Reserve a table” → Receive message

User Onboarding Screens

This reinforces app’s value and provides instructions that highlight key benefits and features. I want to show users that this is not just a cafe and reservation app.

  • First time users can read through slides.
  • Impatient users can skip.
  • Customer who is already familiar with the cafe can make reservation directly.
  • Customer who wants new infomation or who wants to see menu and other things can skip too.

Other screens


Sample Prototype

Trying to achieve minimal & aesthetic designs, trying to be creative with hamburger menu design, playing with soft colors while maintaining brand color are challenging but really beneficial for me. I like coffee and I love the idea of this particular cafe. So making this concept design made me feel refreshed.

Thank you for your time!

I hope you enjoyed it and I will try to write more in the future. See you again.



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